Small Details to Consider When Choosing an Aged Care Facility

Posted on: 13 February 2018

Choosing an aged care facility for your parent is not easy, but it's often necessary for an elderly person to move into such a location, for their own physical wellbeing and even for their safety. When you're shopping around these facilities, you will no doubt look at a building's cleanliness, and also note the friendliness of the staff, but these aren't the only details to consider when making your selection. Note a few other features of an aged care facility you might notice, as these will ensure your parent is happy and comfortable for their stay.

Note their menu

Consider how many fresh items are offered at an aged care facility, versus items that are pre-packaged and simply heated up before being served. Fresh items not only taste better, but they are also healthier, with more vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids and other such nutrients. Fresh food is especially important if your parent has diabetes, high blood pressure or another condition that can be aggravated by sodium, sugar and other additives that are commonly added to packaged food items. Don't hesitate to ask if items are freshly prepared versus simply heated, so you can ensure your parent maintains a healthy diet during their stay.


When considering the room your parent will stay in, and any other area where they will spend most of their day, note if there are plenty of windows that let in lots of sunlight. Even a large room that's clean and painted in a cheerful colour can seem very depressing if there are not windows and lots of sunlight. This is especially important if your parent cannot get outside during the day, as they may not want to only see fluorescent lights during their stay at the facility!


Having some entertainment while being confined to bed or just while in a recreational room is important for anyone staying at an aged care facility, but note what entertainment the facility offers to their residents. Something that is specifically tailored to those of a certain age can be enjoyable for your parent so look for a place with aged care content providers; this might be cable channels that show older television shows and cooking shows, for example. Reliable and fast internet access so your parent can chat online, face-to-face, with relatives can also keep him or her in a better mood throughout the day. As with other details offered by the facility, don't hesitate to ask about their electronics packages and entertainment, so you know your parent won't get bored while at the facility.