Three Ways to Keep Kids Entertained in Your Home Swimming Pool

Posted on: 19 October 2016

If you're planning to have a pool constructed in your home, then you might be wondering how long it will keep your kids entertained for. Splashing out on a pool that's rarely used is a big disappointment, so start planning activities now. The initial novelty of a home swimming pool won't hold kids' attention forever, so planning a variety of fun pastimes to introduce over time is a good plan. Many of the suggestions below cost nothing, but can really increase the value you get out of your pool installation. You might find that the pool becomes the new favourite place in your house, so make sure you reserve some swimming time for yourself!

Hold swimming races

Kids love competition, so arranging a tournament of swimming races can be a lot of fun. You'll be able to tailor the races depending on how well your children can swim - they could start off by competing in widths of the pool, then graduate to lengths once they're more confident. You could make races 'freestyle' to allow your kids to experiment with different strokes, or have special breaststroke, backstroke, or front crawl races to help them improve their technique. Plan prizes for the winners, and have little gifts ready for the runners up, so that no one feels left out.

Play water games

If races are a little too competitive or high-intensity, consider teaching your kids some water games. There are games appropriate for all ages and levels of ability, so your kids will have fun whether they're a beginner or a confident swimmer. Marco Polo is a kind of underwater tag, which is easy to play and pick up, while water polo is a real sport that your kids could play professionally if they're good enough. Simple games like 'catch the change' are sometimes the most fun—simply drop some change into the pool and let your kids practice their underwater swimming by collecting it. Bonus points if they get to keep the money!

Purchase floats and water toys

This option isn't free, but it is a lot of fun. Different types of floats can inspire kids to make up their own games, and can help them to increase their swimming ability and confidence. Noodle floats are good for confident beginners, as they provide a good amount of support without doing all the work. Flat rectangular floats are great for practicing front and backstrokes and are easy to store. For a real treat, get a novelty inflatable. You could have a floating castle complete with drawbridge, a giant pizza slice, or an elegant swan. Let the kids help you choose, and you might never get them out of the pool again!

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