Four Tips for Dealing With Wind an Hired Marquees

Posted on: 18 August 2016

While you want to see the bride and groom ride off into the sunset, you don't want the marquee to blow away in the wind and follow them. In fact, regardless of the type of event you are planning, you don't want the marquee to blow away. Here are some tips for dealing with wind and a hired marquee.

1. Hire the sturdiest marquee you can find.

If you anticipate a lot of wind -- due to the forecast, the location or just a hunch -- on the day of your event, try to hire a marquee that has the ability to withstand it. The sturdiest, heaviest marquee you can find is typically the best one in terms of dealing with wind. Ideally, you want both a heavy frame and a thick canvas marquee. Also, look at the stitching to see how the marquee is attached to the frame. If it looks like it could easily rip off, you want another type of marquee.

2. Hire and use anchors.

When obtaining your supplies from the hire company, make sure that you get anchors for your maquette. This may involve guy ropes and pegs, or heavy buckets of quick-setting concrete to weigh down the legs of the marquee to help hold it in place. Ask for detailed instructions on how to use the anchors, and make sure you set them up as soon as you set up the marquee.

3. Hang sides on the marquee to prevent a lifting effect.

In some cases, wind can sweep under the marquee, and build up until the marquee lifts off the ground. To prevent wind from billowing in under the marquee, hire a marquee with roll down walls. You may leave them up to create an open effect as you like. Then, if the wind starts to blow, you can roll down the walls. That will block the wind from getting into and under the marquee.

4. Place the marquee carefully to reduce contact with wind. 

Finally, pay attention to where you place the marquee in terms of wind. Place it near a windbreak that can help stop the wind before it reaches the marquee. For example, if the wind is coming from the north and you are setting up the marquee at a park, set the marquee to the south of any gazebos, bathrooms, large rows of trees or other large items in the park. That allows the wind to hit the other item so that it is reduced when it hits the marquee.